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Bending Machine HUST Controller
Model H4B
Details and Specifications


A powerful control with user-friendly operation
Cut parts the first day with straight forward operation.
Get more work through a machine with faster setups.
Produce more parts per hour with a better surface finish.
Spend less time programming and more time making chips.
Bring in more work and bid on higher paying jobs.
Avaliable for 2 or 3 axis
USB memory module avaliable SR232 port

Dedicated control panel for all common turning functions
Clearly labeled controls for each axis and direction.
Dedicated buttons for spindle and coolant controls.
Spindle speed override and Feedrate override.
Tool Check, Feed Hold, Cycle Start, Rapid override, Incremental and Continuous Jog, Single Block.
Customize with Tool index +/-, Clamp/Unclamp, Vac on/off, & more.
Extra auxiliary buttons are programmable for special applications.
Fully sealed, coolant proof, long-lasting in shop environment.
Tactile feedback, raised buttons with distinct action.

HUST Controller Model H4B
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Useful Tools for quicker job turn around
Stop and restart the job at any point to make diameter or tool offset adjustments.
Toolpath Graphics show you the cutter path before running the job.
Complete override control of feeds and speeds.
Useful Help Screens guide you thru Setup and Programming.
Large Color LCD display is easy to read.


Conversational Programming is fast and easy
Program parts right at the control or offline with your desktop PC
Intercon generates the G codes for you.
Help screens for all the common turning cycles, just fill in the dimensions
A graph of the part shows you your work as you go.
Automatic cleanout, Intercon auto creates the roughing and finish passes
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5241 Lincoln Ave. , Suite #B-2, Cypress, CA 90630
Toll Free: (877) 661-8811 Phone: (714) 827-8811 Fax: (714) 827-8822